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The knowledge of the supernatural is what makes a man to be in control.  Every natural happening is determined by the events in the supernatural.  The supernatural is the foundation of everything  you can think of.  IT is the center of gravity of all operations.  So, the supernatural controls the natural.

Know that there is an evil spirit realm and the holy Spirit realm.  But the first is controlled by the latter.  There is the negative supernatural (1 John 5:19)  The realm of the supernatural is our realm as believers in Christ.

Now who is man?


This constitutes the triune nature of man. These three parts are distinct in their functions and qualities, yet are inter-related.


The Spirit of Man

The spirit of man is the real man. It is the part of him that contains God’s life – the spiritual life (Gen 2:7).

·       Without the spirit, neither the soul nor the body can function.

·       The spirit expresses itself through the soul and the body.

·       It is with the spirit that man connects and relates with God (1Cor 2:14).


The REGENERATED spirit is sometimes

3 Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

 Acts 20:32 And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.

God Bless You



“One message of the TRUTH that can transform your destiny for life”

Life is designed by God to get better on a daily basis.  Prov 4:18.  Understand also that life is a race and that only those that make moves make it in life.  (Heb 12:1).

Many people are full of words without works because of one factor FEAR.  They always ask questions what-if.  But what-if-not? They are afraid to pray for the sick or raise the dead because they are afraid of what people may say if it did not happen the way they though. But what if it happened?

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Topic: Understanding the Power of Thanksgiving


1.      What is Thanksgiving?


A.    Acknowledging God as the one behind the good things around us. Jn 3:27 / Lk12:15-20

B.    A celebration of the acts of God in our lives.  Ps 103:1-5 /  Ps 118:23.

C.    Appreciation of the present in anticipation of the future. Jn. 6:6-11 / Jn 11:41 – 44.

D.    It is ascribing all the glory to God for where we are. Jer.13:15 -17 / 1Cor. 15:10.


2.     Why do I Need to Give God Thanks?


A.    It is a

What is Praise?

  1. Praise is a gateway tp supernatural  harvest of our seeds.  Ps 67:5-7.  God can give fearful blessings.  By giving, we sow.  By the WORD, it is watered! then by praise, the harvest is reaped.  What type of praise are we talking about?  Read Joel 1:11-12.  Before you say unkind words, think of someone who has nothing.  Challenges comes so that you can praise remember to praise Him.
  2. Praise is the highway to our high places  Heb 3:17-18.  Deut 28:47-49. be continued shortly

Godliness is the covenant gateway to greatness.  In this part 1, please note that there is a way to greatness. (Prov 14:12, and Prov 16:25).  Every redeemed child of God is destined for greatness (Act 15:34).  Before we where created he has already ordained us for greatness (1 John 5:4).  By redemption, we are born to be conqurors. Salvation is a di

Pastor Majee

stinction. You are not just born again to make heaven.  To die as a failure is a slap on God.  God is a great God. Who do you resemble?


I believe in Nigeria! I believe there is no other Nation that is called Nigeria anywhere else in the Universe! We may not be there now as countries as the USA, UK, China, etc. But who is to blame?Flag Nigeria animated gif 240x180


If you and I can live to our responsibility by not allowing sycophants, indulge in frivolities, and encourage evil and immorality in the system, then Nigeria can move forward.

We all need to come together or collectively, to contribute our quota to the development.  How?

·         You can help by telling the truth always

·         By doing away with sectarianism, and putting the

Different stroke...

Why Women Shouldn't Wear Pants

By David J. Stewart

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel...” —1st Timothy 2:9

Women are to dress in “modest apparel.” That is what the Bible commands. It is not a matter of opinion. God has revealed His will concerning the manner in which women ought to dress. Rebellious women don't care, they're going to be lewd, rude and crude anyway; but a woman that fears God does care, and she is careful about the way she clothes herself.

The Greek word for “modest” in 1st Timothy 2:9 is “Kosmios” which means “of good